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Customer Experience Design

We help design experiences that delight customers at every step of the decision journey and drive top-line growth. We help you deep-dive into customer journeys to identify digital and physical touch points, as well as opportunities to engage with customers and create value added experiences.

What we offer:

  • Customer segmentation & personas

  • Estimate target customer market size and revenue potential

  • Digital & physical touchpoints

  • Customer journey mapping & experience design

  • Customer engagement & activation strategy

We also offer Virtual Reality (VR) solutions to boost customer experience and engagement.

Selected Projects

SBB Case Study
SBB Case Study


Project: Business case, online community design and technical requirements

SBB requested development of an online community to deepen engagement with customers. Lardi & Partner developed a business case for the online community, as well as subsequent plan and requirements:

  • Developed online community business case, objectives and operational concept

  • Identified target customer segments, developed personas, estimated market size and revenue potential

  • Designed functions and capabilities based on target customer requirements

  • Developed engagement strategy (content strategy, gamification concept and activation plan)

  • Compiled user requirements and reviewed technical requirements for online community


Project: Customer segment & journey map design

A clothing brand start-up based in Zurich was looking to gain a better understanding of the potential customer market and segmentation, as well as which digital channels to best utilize. 

Lardi & Partner conducted an e-commerce strategy workshop to prepare the start-up for its clothing line launch, which helped defined the following:

  • Overview of e-commerce market, online consumer behaviour and purchase journey

  • Defined target customer segments and personas 

  • Developed customer journey and critical digital/physical touchpoints

  • Developed integrated e-commerce strategy roadmap and initiatives

  • Defined social media strategy for new brand launch

Clothing Brand Case Study
Clothing Brand Case Study
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