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Digital Health Check

The Digital Health Check is a starting point for companies that are planning to embark on a transformation journey to address digital disruption that currently does or could potentially impact their business. The health check does not lock into any specific technology or methodology, but requires an honest assessment of the organization, including its strengths, shortcomings, pain points and barriers.


The health check is most effective when conducted as an audit or review by an objective external stakeholder or internal cross-functional team set up for this specific mandate. There are four aspects to the health check that review the overall business ecosystem. 

The four Digital Health Checks:

  • Outside-in health check

    • Focuses on identifying external elements that have a disruptive impact on the industry, as well as business. ​

  • Inside-out health check

    • Review of existing business activities and functions, process landscape, technology architecture, operating model, value chain and partnerships, as well as business assets. ​

  • Top-down health check

    • Mindset and capability assessment to determine the digital maturity of the leadership / management teams.

  • Bottom-up health check

    • Determines organization readiness for digital transformation, including assessing employee’s digital appetite, capabilities, organizational culture, as well as skills gaps.

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