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Why Kamales Lardi:

Kamales Lardi is a bold and strategic thinker in digital and business transformation. She combines over 21 years of deep cross-industry experience with the latest digital and technology solutions. Kamales was recently listed in the “Top 10 Global Influencers & Thought Leaders in Digital Transformation” (Thinkers360). Kamales is a Teaching Fellow and Chairperson of the MBA Advisory Board at Durham University Business School, and she was recently appointed Chair of the FORBES Business Council Women Executives.

Kamales is a dynamic and experienced keynote speaker with over 100 global keynote presentations under her belt. She regularly presents at conferences, industry, and corporate events, expertly combining future-focused opportunities with real business challenges to inspire, engage, and educate


How to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Business

The traditional rules and assumptions of business are no longer valid in the new digital economy. Emerging technologies have triggered a shift in the global consumer market, resulting in the urgent need for brands to adopt transformative approaches to customer engagement, organization structures, and business models. In addition, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated market shifts towards digital engagement.


In her keynote presentation, Kamales awakens curiosity and widens perspectives on the latest trends and technologies impacting the traditional business landscape, and motivates audiences to explore innovative approaches that accelerate success in digital business transformation.  



People are the most powerful drivers of transformation. As companies increasingly adopt digital solutions and emerging technologies to drive productivity, innovation, and revenue, the risk of losing touch with the people who drive the business success grows. Culture change and empathetic leadership will be the defining element that could spell success for digital business transformation.


This keynote presentation highlights effective approaches to identify behaviors, mindsets, and skills required to realize successful digital business transformation in traditional organizations.


Digital-Physical Future of Customer Engagement 

Over the past decade, technology has triggered an undeniable shift in consumer behavior and trends. People are adopting technology almost as quickly as it is being developed. Brands understand that consumers are the core of business success. But the question will be - how can companies succeed in the digital future?

In this keynote presentation, Kamales zooms in on the future of consumer behavior and preferences, the impact of the Low-Touch Economy on brands, as well as how should companies engage with customers across digital-physical touchpoints.



Including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3D-Printing, IoT & Sensor Technologies, among others

Over the past decade or so, exponential technologies have triggered shifts in the global business landscape and the world in general. As digital-enabled businesses rise and consumer adoption accelerates, new and transformative technology-based innovations are emerging almost on a daily basis. 

This keynote presentation provides an overview of exponential technologies, the impact on society and businesses, as well as real-world and future-focused applications across industries.

Keynote sessions deep-dive into specific technologies and industry focus, upon request. 


''Kamales has been our series speaker and advisory board member for Digital Transformation Summit Series. Her presentation and thoughts reflect resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. Her presentations are curated according to the theme and the demographic of the conference. We are very happy to have her as a part of our Exito Family! We would love to get your perspective on our next project.''

—  Rishikesh Shetty, CEO, Exito Media Concepts Pvt. Ltd