Executive Briefing

 Inspiring and dynamic session designed for busy senior executive teams and board members who want to understand the latest disruptive trends and how digital technologies create opportunities for business and revenue generation.

  • Jump-start digital business transformation journey

  • Answers burning questions about disruptive trends (e.g., customer behaviour, technology, competitive landscape, business models, engagement strategies)

  • Focuses on strategic business value

  • Provides clarity on where to focus transformation efforts 

Digital Transformation Workshops - The 'Vision' Lab

Custom workshop designed to engage, excite and educate! Utilizes real business scenarios and cross-functional insights to explore the opportunities created by disruptive trends and provide a practical guide to navigating the digital economy.


A unique feature is the chance to explore a 'FUTURE GALLERY' - a peek into devices and technologies of the future that create an immersive experience for participants. 

  • Envisions the future of your business through custom designed scenario-based learning

  • Builds pragmatic roadmap of initiatives to jump-start digital transformation journey

  • Assesses the impact of disruption on business, customers & competitive landscape

  • Explore new business moels and evaluate potential revenue streams

These hands-on sessions deliver a strategic roadmap for business transformation initiatives. Designed for senior leadership, functional heads and transformation leads across sectors, the workshop addresses opportunities and challenges created by disruption and identifies initiatives transform the business.


Carl Elsener

CEO Victorinox

Der Vortrag von Frau Kamales Lardi fand ich sehr interessant. Vor allem, dass Sie aufgezeigt hat, dass sich Digitalisierung aus dem Mindset und daraus folgenden Leadership entwickelt und nicht aus Technologie. Ebenfalls haben mir die gut gewählten Beispiele gefallen, die aufzeigen, dass ein neues Denken, out of the Box, notwendig ist und wie disruptive Trends und digitale Technologien Geschäftsmöglichkeiten schaffen.


Für mich war das «Digital Maturity Assessment», oder das Bild das aus unseren Beurteilungen entstand, sehr beeindruckend. Ohne ein gemeinsames Verständnis betreffend den Fragen erarbeitet zu haben, sind die unterschiedlichen Bilder nicht überraschend. Trotzdem hat es gezeigt, dass wir unbedingt Aktivitäten starten sollten, um zuerst ein gemeinsames Verständnis über dieses Thema zu erhalten und dann gemeinsam die von Ihr erwähnte «Digital Business Transformation Journey» für unser Unternehmen zu starten. Im Quadrant hat Sie uns aufgezeigt, dass dies bei Mindset und Leadership beginnen sollte.

(I found Mrs Kamales Lardi's presentation very interesting. Above all, she demonstrated that digitisation develops from the mindset and leadership, from technology. I also liked the well-chosen examples that show that new, out of the box thinking, is necessary, and how disruptive trends and digital technologies create business opportunities.

For me, the Digital Maturity Assessment, or the picture that emerged from our assessments, was very impressive. Without a common understanding of the questions, the different images are not surprising. Nevertheless, it has shown that it is imperative that we start activities to first get a common understanding on this topic and then jointly start the "Digital Business Transformation Journey" for our company that she mentioned. In the quadrant she showed us that this should start with mindset and leadership.)

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