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About Us

Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH is an experienced partner in digital business transformation. We enable organizations to transform traditional business models, processes and operations to meet the needs of the digital economy and customer experience.We will help you define your customer’s needs and identify the best ways to utilize digital channels and social technologies across the business value chain to gain sustainable returns.


Operational since 2012, we are specifically experienced in designing and implementing governance models that support the application of digital technologies in the operational business environment.

With our customer's needs in mind, we have created a very unique way to operate. Lardi & Partner collaborates with a network of experienced professionals and specialized experts who have been hand-picked for their outstanding capabilities in their field of expertise.

Our outstanding performance and client delivery earned Lardi & Partner Consulting the Business Worldwide Magazine 2020 Global Corporate Excellence Award for 'Digital Business Transformation Firm of the Year'.