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Exponential Growth & Technologies   

10X your company’s growth with exponetial digital transformation

An Exponential Organization (ExO) is one whose impact is disproportionately large – at least 10x larger – compared to its peers because of the use of new organizational techniques that leverage exponential technologies. We are at the very beginning of fourth industrial revolution – the current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), AR (augmented reality) and blockchain are changing the way we live and work.

We specialize in giving your organization an edge by navigating the challenges that often come with digital disruption. Our team of experts empower you to embrace a mindset that cultivates exponential opportunities and empowers your organization with emerging technologies. We have developed a number of programs that can help your organization to achieve exponential potential. 

  • ExO workshops

    • Creating 10X impact with Purpose

    • Rethink Business with exponential possibilities

    • Building an ExO (Exponential Organization)

  • Define your organization's MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) - reflecting the organization’s aspiration for the digital future, core purpose and values, unique differentiator of ExO from traditional organizations 

  • Assess and understand the internal and external characteristics that can transform an organisation exponential

    • SCALE - assess existing organization gaps against five attributes focused on connecting and keeping abundance (Staff on Demand, Community & Crowd, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, Engagement)

    • IDEAS - assess existing organization gaps against five attributes focused on managing abundance to grow (Interfaces, Dashboards, Experimentation, Autonomy, Social Technologies)

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