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We enjoy sharing knowledge, expertise and insights with our customers and peers. Our articles and contributions have appeared in numerous magazines, publications and news media., January 2020

Digitale Transformation: Wie man unter Unsicherheit eine Strategie entwickelt

The Edge Market, January 2020

Blockchain, direct to consumer communication can help uplift palm oil's image, December 2019

Has #MeToo Reached Swiss Banking?

Hat #MeToo auch Schweizer Banken aufgerüttelt?

Management Consultancy for Innovation, 2019 (BOOK)

New perspective on innovation in consultancy firms

Advance, June 2019


LATTICE80, June 2019

LATTICE80 2019 Blockchain 100

Global Oils & Fats Business Online, March 2019

Transformation to a Circular Economy

Global Oils & Fats Business Online, March 2019

Ecosystem of Trust in Palm Oil Sector, March 2019

Die neue strategische Agenda der Crypto Valley Association

TokenPost, February 2019

Crypto Valley Association appoints five new board members, January 2019

Kamales Lardi: Anwendungsfälle in Kombination mit IoT oder AI werden in den Fokus rücken

Employee Engagement For Organizational Change, 2018 (BOOK)

The Theory And Practice Of Stakeholder Engagement 

Disruption Banking, December 2018

What is key to transformation on a corporate level?

The WealthTech Book, July 2018

Blueprint for start-up collaboration success in Wealth Management

Business Weekly, May 2018

Businesses must adapt or perish: The growing risk of irrelevance in the digital age

Consultancy, Organizational Development And Change, 2017 (BOOK)

A practical guide to delivering value 

Disruption Hub, July 2017

Optimize, Evolve & Innovate: Your steps in digital transformation

The Female Founders Book, July 2017

Founder Profile: Kamales Lardi

Disruption Hub, June 2017

4 Digital Transformation Health Checks For Your Business: Before you begin, conduct an organizational ‘health check’

Disruption Hub, May 2017

Businesses Must Adapt or Die: The growing risk of irrelevance in the digital age

Netzwoche: Finanzindustrie, January 2017

Column for Netzwoche: ''Vision Lab'' Workshop zur digitalen Disruption

Netzwoche: Finanzindustrie, January 2017

Column for Netzwoche: Die Geschäftszukunft ist "digical"

Netzwoche: Finanzindustrie, November 2016

Column for Netzwoche: Die Macht der Menschen

Netzwoche: Finanzindustrie, October 2016

Column for Netzwoche: Die Lücke in der digitalen Transformation schliessen

Netzwoche: Finanzindustrie, September 2016

Column for Netzwoche: Wie die digitale Technologie die Gesundheitsindustrie verändert

Interview with Dukascopy TV, 2016

Netzwoche: Finanzindustrie, May 2016

Column for Netzwoche: Innovation

Netzwoche: Finanzindustrie, March 2016

Column for Netzwoche: ‘’unbundling’’ the banking industry with digital transformation

Netzwoche: Digitale Transformation, February 2016

Column for Netzwoche, the Swiss ICT magazine for business decision makers., June 2015

How failure led to my success in entrepreneurship, February 2015

Interview: Trends from Switzerland - platforms, mobile and wearables at work

Interview with Dukascopy TV, 2015

Ladies Drive Magazine (contributing journalist),2014 - 2015

Interview with Kamales Lardi, October 2014

Making Comms Superheros in the Modern World

Versio2 Blog, 2014

Social Media Strategy: Video Interview with Kamales Lardi 

KMU Blickpunkt Magazine, 2014

Wie bringt Social Media den Unternehmen einen Mehrwert? 

Share4you Blog, 2014

Sind Soziale Medien ausschliesslich «Marketing Kommunikation» Instrumente? 

HR Today, 2014

Mit interner Kommunikation das Engagement fördern, 2014

How to achieve social media strategy success

Marketing & Kommunikation Magazin, 8/13, page 44, 2014

Erfolgreicher Einsatz von Social Media in Business

The Narrative, Aug 2013

Wie geht Social Media-Engagement? 5 Regeln für die Digital-Strategie

DIKE Publishers, 2013

Unternehmensnachfolge Interdisziplinäres Handbuch zur Nachfolgeregelung

ZHAW Blog, 2013

Wie steht’s um die Social-Media-Maturität in Ihrem Unternehmen?

ZHAW Blog, 2013

Social Media-Aktivitäten an übergeordnete Unternehmens-Ziele binden 

VDF Verlag, 2013

Social Media Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Social Business 

Inspirational Woman Magazine: Success Issue, September 2013

Interview with Kamales Lardi

wissensmanagement Magazine, 2013

Social Media nutzbringend einsetzen: Einfacher gesagt als getan?

New Media Knowledge, 2013

Social Media Strategy: Kamales Lardi Discusses Her New Book

FH Inling Schweiz Magazin, August 2013 #41, page 33

Social Media als strategischer Erfolgsfaktor

ZHAW Blog, 2013

Neues Buch schafft Orientierung bei der Einbindung von Social Media in die Unternehmensstrategie 

Edi Florian Blog, 2013

5 easy steps to find a good social media manager (Spanish) 

Lightanimations Blog, 2012

Why use an explainer video to communicate a new policy to your employees? 

Unternehmer Zeitung, Nov 2010

Soziale Netzwerke: Wie Unternehmen Risiken minimieren

wissensmanagement Magazine, 2010

Kollaborativ denken – kollaborativ arbeiten: eine Handlungsempfehlung

Management Issues Blog, 2008

Could the future for business be virtual? 

CIO Insights Magazine, Mar 2008

Breathing Second Life Into Synthetic Worlds

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