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Turn Vision Into Action: A Framework for Digital Business Transformation

Based on research by MIT Sloan, only 43% of companies are effectively preparing for disruption. Will your company still be relevant in the next decade?

Rapid development over the last few decades have resulted in technology that is intuitive, easy to use, accessible and cheap. Consumers are quickly adopting new technologies and expect similar instantaneous, personalized interactions with companies. Additionally, an increasing number of digital businesses are disrupting global industries.


Traditional approaches, such as creating an app or using social media to communicate with customers, only scratch the surface of digital transformation. Companies need to look deeper into their operations, review the evolving needs of their customers, and determine how to apply digital technologies to improve the business operations and offerings.

This white paper addresses several critical key questions that face companies today:

  1. Will your company survive disruption?

  2. How should business leaders respond?

  3. How to develop an effective digital transformation strategy while safeguarding existing profitable business?

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