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Our Approach 

Solid know-how.
In-depth knowledge.

Custom developed methodologies and tools

We utilise a range of tools and methodologies to accelerate the solutions that we produce for you.

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The book introduces an integrated social media framework describing all possibilities of social media in a business and enterprise context. It focuses on ensuring sustainable use for social media along the business value chain.

The tool is a 7-question assessment that leads users through several key elements to determine how well they have adopted social media within the structure of their organization. 

Social Media Training

Social media training modules to enable employees on the proper use of social media for business.

Social Media Health Check

An assessment of all the social media activities in a company, intended to enable the identification of potential risks and gaps for improvements. 

Animated Video Design & Development

Concept design, script and development of animation videos to Use an engaging explainer video or animation to promote product or service, raise awareness, tell strategic story, announce a new policy, summarise report findings, walk through a process, explain a concept or publish a how-to guide.

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