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AI-Based Social Media Health Check

The social media health check framework is an approach developed to review and audit the use of social media for business. The main objective is to determine the alignment of social media activities to business goals and requirements, as well as effectiveness against expected results.


In addition, the approach utilizes artificial intelligence based systems to review company and employee data across social media platforms, as well as identify potential breaches and gaps. As a result, appropriate next steps to secure company on social media and safe-guard social media presences.

The end-to-end approach focuses on a balanced assessment of governance and engagement, including:

  • Social media company and employee data review; 

  • Maturity of social media use for business;

  • Alignment to overall business objectives and needs;

  • Effectiveness of use against required outcomes and in relation to other channels;

  • Compliance with organization policies and guidelines, including third party providers;

  • Activities benchmark against peer companies;

  • Awareness and mitigation of potential risks; and

  • Gaps / areas for improvement.

Note that the scope of the health check assessment does have to include all areas listed above, and will be defined according to the company's requirements. 

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