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UBS AG Case Study 

Social Media Strategy and Employee Training 

July 2012 – present

Project members:Kamales Lardi, Claudia Magri Mandela, Patrick Kramer and Michael Utz

UBS is Switzerland’s largest bank.Building on 150 years of banking history, UBS Switzerland holds a leading position in retail banking, corporate and institutional banking, wealth management, asset management, and investment banking. 

Customer Challenges

To develop the employee social media training and certification program for UBS AG.

LPC Approach

Lardi & Partner Consulting (LPC) worked with UBS AG to develop the employee social media training and certification program, aimed at ensuring all employees understood and applied the newly established social media policy, as well as to raise awareness about opportunities and risks presented by social media in a highly regulated industry.

Outcome Achieved


As part of the project, LPC was able to contribute specialized knowledge to create e-learning modules that fit the needs of a bank, as well as additional training materials targeted at various training participant segments (e.g., infographic, executive guides and social media playbook). Additionally, LPC contributed knowledge and experience to review and finalize operational guides for social media channels used by UBS

Christian Aichhorn, Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media at UBS:


''Kamales developed the content and a comprehensive workbook for our Social Media expert e-training. In this project she demonstrated excellent Social Media skills, was highly professional and 100% reliable. Last but not least she went the extra mile for us which positively impacted the outcome of our e-training.''

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