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Virtual Reality Customer Experience 

Virtual reality (VR) presence use new immersive visuals and provide a selling tool that fits perfectly the customer’s needs to experience the hotel and events space. It creates a ‘wow’ effect closest to the real-life experience that no other digital offering can create.


We are experienced in developing a virtual reality apps to showcase your business or surrounding locations. The VR experience embedded on your website, as well as accessible on mobile devises (IOS and Android), offer customers an immersive experience of exploring your online presences. The VR solution includes images,  videos, sound, voice-over narrations, quizzes, and weblinks. We are able to convert normal images and videos that you may already have into an immersive virtual experience that increases time and engagement spent on company websites. VR has been proven to generate 50% more engagement and keeps your business top-of-mind. We are able to build a solution within a week, and support the engagement and adoption strategies to ensure you get the full value out of the solution.

In addition, we are able to guide your team in understanding the options available to conduct meetings, collaborative sessions or workshops with the support of VR solutions to increase engagement, interaction and productivity. We are also able to support your business in planning, promoting and executing events or conferences on fully immersive VR environments.

What we offer:

  • Develop virtual reality experience for desktop and mobile website

  • Develop and publish virtual reality app 

  • Convert 2D images and videos to virtual reality compatible 

  • Learn to conduct meetings, collaboration sessions or workshops with the support of digital or VR solutions 

  • Learn to conduct one-to-one sessions or team meetings in fully immersive VR environment

  • Plan, promote and conduct fully immersive virtual reality presentations, conferences or events


Website     |     Mobile Websites     |     IOS / Android Apps


Virtual reality solutions to showcase your business premises and surrounding locations, made available on website, mobile or app.

  • Includes scene links, text, images, videos, audios, voice-over narrations, weblinks, quizzes, and menus

  • Fully self-managed solutions after initial development

  • Available on Android, iOS, Web, Oculus, Steam, Windows and much more

  • Convert existing normal images and videos already available into an immersive virtual experience

  • 3 - 5 days to develop and publish

VR Devices NOT required; available on your existing website or mobile device, or as a downloadable app


Learn to conduct meetings, workshops and collaboration sessions with the support of virtual reality solutions. Combine the convenience of online meetings with the interactivity of face-to-face meetings: meet in virtual workspaces where you can collaborate, create and feel truly together with your colleagues.

VR meetings and collaboration sessions are more interactive and participants are 25% more attentive / engaged in comparison to video conferencing. 

  • Understand tools available for VR meeting, collaboration and workshop sessions

  • Select the best tools for your company, team and business needs

  • Learn best practices to successfully conduct VR session

  • 2 hour coaching sessions

  • Effort to setup or conduct of virtual session based on requirements

VR devices may be requried depending on the platform selected; many collaboration / workshop platforms do NOT require VR devices 



Learn to use virtual reality technology to host or conduct meetings, presentations or events. Easily start your own meetup, show or class and discover the next frontier of entertainment and community.

  • Understand tools available for VR immersive sessions

  • Immersive virtual reality one-to-one sessions, or meetings with groups 

  • Plan, promote and implement virtual reality conferences

  • 2 hour coaching sessions

  • Effort to setup or conduct of virtual session based on requirements

VR devices required

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